Help us drive MBSEF athletes to success with 2 new vans!

It will be van-tastic if we can raise $40,000.

Help us drive MBSEF athletes to success with 2 new vans! image

Help us Keep our Athletes & Coaches Safe on the Road-- and be entered in a drawing for a Mt. Bachelor season pass!

Our MBSEF programs are always on the move. Each year, we collectively put over 100,000 miles on our MBSEF fleet, transporting athletes to races, training camps, and daily sessions at Mt. Bachelor. However, our fleet is aging. 7 of our 14 vans are over 15 years old, and all together our vans have an average mileage of 122,500 miles. Several vans are approaching or have exceeded 200,000 miles.

As you can imagine, maintaining high-mileage vans is costly, and we’re increasingly hesitant to send some of our older vans far from town. Given the treacherous winter roads we navigate, it’s crucial that our vehicles are in top-notch condition and equipped with modern safety features like AWD and airbags.

Two generous families from our MBSEF community have anonymously donated a total of $40,000 towards the purchase of two new vans. To reach our ultimate fundraising goal of $80,000 (half the price of these vans, winter tires and racks), we need your help.

Mt. Bachelor is supporting our campaign by offering a 2024-2025 season alpine pass to be raffled off. For every $100 you donate, you'll receive one entry into the raffle until we reach our goal. We will announce a winner when we reach our goal, or by Monday, September 16th, whichever comes first. With a maximum of only 400 entries, your chances of winning are high!

Each contribution will make a significant difference. Together, we can ensure our entire fleet is safe and ready for the winter season, providing our athletes with the reliable transportation they need.

Thank you for your support!

The MBSEF Team